“Let everyone eat organic food”

One of our foremost aims while we started B&B organics is donating organic food to poor, orphanage homes and mentally ill people. We strongly believe that organic food will promote their health and get cured from illness soon. Currently, B&B organics is donating organic food to mentally ill people in Trichy. Based on the upcoming donation, we are planning to supply organic foods to orphanage homes in Coimbatore & Bangalore as well.  We thank all those who are funding us!

Donation procedure

There is no minimum amount for donation, you could donate whatever you wish. If one could donate Rs.10, we will add 3 carrots to the carrots that we are delivering 🙂 So please don’t worry about the amount you donate 🙂 If you wish, you can join with us while donating or we will send a bill to you that we receive from the place that we donate.

Currently donating place

TRUST (Training & Rehabilitation of Under privileged members of Society, Trichy)

Athma institute of mental health & social sciences (AIMSS),

No:12, B&C, 10th cross (East), Thillainagar, Trichy – 620 018

Ph:0431 – 2740452, 2740929

Please join with us in doing this soul satisfying job!