About Us

Here at B & B Organics, our motive is simple: providing farm fresh organic products to customers as soon as it is harvested from farms. B & B organics has aimed to provide easily accessible certified organic products to consumers and to provide secured income to farmers.

Since children and women are highly vulnerable to the effects of chemically grown food and adulteration, eating organic food has become important nowadays. There is a myth that organic food is expensive but actually it is not – the price of organic foods is the real price of a product. Hence, don’t hesitate to pay the original price of a product to get a quality product.

B & B Organics was founded in 2016 by Balaji, B.Tech (Horticulture). Dr. Balathandayuthabani, Ph.D in Environmental science (Sweden) and Dr. Rajasekaran, Ph.D in Soil Science (Germany) are his mentors. Balaji worked as a farm consultant during the years 2014-2015 and during that period, a doctor from Trichy requested him to supply organic foods. After the doctor started switching to organic foods, he requested Balaji to deliver organic foods to his friends as well. This is how B & B organics came into existence!